How it works

The oneIDentity+ solution is a service platform to check the authenticity of product marked with the unique MAPP code. In addition, it gives manufacturers the option to provide additional Value Added Services to specific users. These can be product information (e.g. article details, fitting instructions) as well as marketing and sales related services (e.g. the connection to customer loyalty systems or the sending of an order request).

Using this solution, anyone who wants to inspect an article (i.e. customs, garage, wholesaler, manufacturer or end customer) has a simple way to check whether the code on the product is valid or not. By using a PC and its keyboard or a mobile phone with a camera, the MAPP code can be captured and sent off to the Authentication Platform (internet connection required). There the code will be checked and the result (in form of a text messages combined with a green/yellow/red traffic light) will be sent back right away.

This will provide the user with an indication whether the respective part is genuine or not. If the result is not positive the user can send a counterfeit report to the manufacturer who can then take further steps.


Benefits for the manufacturer

  • Global, sector wide solution on for serialized products, components & parts based on world wide valid standards independent of the data carrier
  • Complete Solution package for product protection  and more (e.g. serialization con-cept, labeling with additional security features)
  • Manifold manufacturer specific value added services like product information, track & trace, e-commerce etc. can be createdeven within the standard App
  • Easy integration of oneIDentity+ functionality  on manufacturer website via SDK and
  • Creation of branded manufacturer specific Apps possible

Benefits for the manufacturer

  • Single point of entry to get information about products, components & parts from different manufacturers
  • Free of charge authentication via mobile app, oneIDentity+ and manufacturers’ web pages
  • Accessible for everybody, worldwide, 24 hours a day – precise answer within seconds
  • Products of different manufacturers can be checked at the same time with the same device
  • No knowledge of manufacturer specific secu-rity features (holograms, colours etc.) required
  • If in doubt: direct contact with manufacturer
  • Huge potential within the additional value added services like additional product info, fitting instructions, recall actions etc.

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