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09.09.2010 19:44 Age: 8 yrs

Automotive Part Suppliers Support Initiative against Product Piracy

Participants in the initiative “Manufacturers against Product Piracy” (MAPP) are counting on the MAPP code to identify original parts

With a joint communication campaign as part of the initiative “Manufacturers against Product Piracy” (MAPP), well-known automotive part suppliers are taking up the battle against product counterfeiters. With the slogan “Similar is not the same”, traders, garages, customs and end customers will be made aware so that they do not fall into the trap of counterfeit automotive replacement parts.

At the Internet site www.mapp-code.com interested parties can learn how to recognise original products securely and reliably. In addition the initiative supports the exchange of information among manufacturers.

“We are participating in order to protect garages and drivers from counterfeit products. The MAPP Initiative helps with the necessary education,” says Robert Hanser, President Automotive Aftermarket for Bosch. “With the MAPP Initiative we inform all users about the use and benefits of the MAPP code in order to improve traffic safety,” adds Manfred Neumann, Director Product Management Passenger Car Products for GKN.

As a measure to distinguish genuine from fake products faster in the future, several participants in the initiative “Manufacturers against Product Piracy” (MAPP) mark their original products with a data matrix barcode based on the recommendation of the European Association of Automotive Suppliers (CLEPA). This unique MAPP code can be checked easily with TecIdentify, the first IT-based standard solution for the automotive replacement part market. In seconds the user knows whether he has an original replacement part.

“The MAPP code as a global coding standard is optimised for the requirements of the automotive aftermarket. The interplay between IT and barcode is a powerful countermeasure against product piracy. The code is based on the CLEPA coding recommendation and helps all automotive suppliers to fight counterfeits,” explains Josef Frank, Director Aftermarket for CLEPA.

Counterfeit replacement parts cause substantial damage to the automotive business and the economy. The European Association of Automotive Suppliers CLEPA estimates that fake auto parts cost suppliers between five and ten billion euros every year. It is not just about money. Fake parts cost the automotive suppliers lost sales; for the driver there is a substantial safety risk due to unsafe products.

“We count on prevention to protect our brands and value the highest security at a reasonable cost. The use of the industry solution TecIdentify and support for the MAPP Initiative are logical steps for us, particularly because we see additional applications,” comments Dr. Uwe Hartmann, Automotive Aftermarket Marketing Manager at MANN+HUMMEL. “The measures around the MAPP code stand for the highest possible security for our product portfolio. Alone the fact that renowned automotive suppliers have joined together underlines the relevance of this initiative. As strong partners we form a common front in the fight against product piracy,” says Helmut Ernst, Vice President Independent Aftermarket for Continental. “Counterfeiting and lack of regulation in the remanufacturing industry are global problems. We are driven by the need to protect our customers, mechanics, drivers and pedestrians from the danger of counterfeit and sub-standard parts,” adds Francois Augnet, Global Vice President of TRW Aftermarket.

The MAPP code and the initiative “Manufacturers against Product Piracy“ are supported by leading automotive suppliers including Robert Bosch, Continental/ATE, GKN, MANN+HUMMEL and TRW as well as by TecCom, the leading B2B platform for the independent European automotive replacement part market and CLEPA.

More information about the companies that use the MAPP code can be found at www.mapp-code.com.

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