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How it works

Recognise original replacement parts securely

With oneIDentity+ replacement part traders and garages can quickly and easily authenticate original auto parts marked with the MAPP code.

  1. Identify the MAPP code (data matrix barcode) on the product and/or the packaging

  2. Checking with scanner, mobile phone or manual entry

    • For data entry with a scanner at the website www.TecIdentify.com you need a PC with Internet connection
    • In order to scan with a mobile phone you need the free software NeoReader that is available for almost all devices.  To download it just enter get.neoreader.com in the web browser of your mobile phone. You only pay the costs for the data connection according to your tariff. Your telephone must be activated for the Internet.
    • If the code is readable next to the 2D barcode, it can be entered manually through any web-enabled device.
    • Some manufacturers also offer their own authentication sites in addition to www.TecIdentify.com to check the authenticity of parts with the MAPP code. The address of the page is then shown next to the barcode.
  3. Answer in seconds whether the product is an original part– worldwide and around the clock

    • Green = The code has been recognised and there is no problem.
    • Orange = The check does not have a clear result. If you doubt that the part is original, contact your dealer or the manufacturer.
    • Red = The code is not known. Contact your dealer or the manufacturer.
      • The wrong format or a technical error can cause the red signal. In this case, please try again later.

Background information:

  • In order to differentiate original parts from counterfeits faster in the future, several participants in the initiative “Manufacturers against Product Piracy” (MAPP) mark their original products additionally with a data matrix barcode.

  • This way the marked automotive replacement part receives a worldwide unique identification number so that the product can be uniquely identified.

  • The European Association of Automotive Suppliers (CLEPA) sees that IT-supported checking with the barcode is the strongest weapon in the fight against counterfeiting.

  • oneIDentity+, the first IT-based standard solution for the Automotive Aftermarket, was developed by TecCom together with the European Association of Automotive Suppliers (CLEPA). The solution serves as an authentication centre for all who want to check the authenticity of automotive replacement parts.

  • The TecCom Internet platform oneIDentity+ compares the MAPP code with information in a database and immediately identifies original parts.

  • The best protection for products is a combination of security features.  Features like holograms, Holospot, seals or colour codes make it possible to identify original parts without additional tools. They are meaningful complements to the MAPP code. The user must know them, however.  For the MAPP code the information is in a counterfeit-proof database. No special knowledge is required.

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