New app from Motorservice

Extended services from aftermarket specialist

The online catalog of aftermarket specialist Motorservice can now also be accessed by smart phone and tablet devices. A new app in 12 languages offers a variety of functions and technical assistance along the whole product lineup—both mobile and global.

The app can be downloaded from iOS and Android stores for installation on smart phones and tablets.

A practical example of how the app can easily help when repairing a damaged car: simply enter the part numbers of the components, the app then picks out the parts and the nearest Motorservice distributor. Alternatively, the customer can search by engine type and will then see displayed all the Motorservice parts available for this particular engine.

„With the new Motorservice app the mechanic working in the repair shop is no longer reliant on his desktop and now has the option of mobile access to our whole service world. From his mobile phone and his workplace in the repair shop he can directly share in our expertise and, if needed, obtain advice in such matters as how to install the parts, etc. We are very happy to be able to provide customers with this technology“ says Sven Zeitler, Head of Marketing at MS Motorservice International GmbH.

Linked to product search are such ancillary services as installation guides, videos and other servicing information all of which is printable. Another important feature is a check for fakes. By entering the barcode of Motorservice parts the mechanic immediately obtains information as to whether the parts are genuine or fake. Finally, another search option allows the workshop to locate the nearest Motorservice distributor.

About Motorservice

Motorservice is the sales organization for the global aftermarket operations of KSPG AG (previously Kolbenschmidt Pierburg). It is a leading supplier of engine components for the independent parts market. Its brands include Kolbenschmidt, Pierburg, BF, and TRW Engine Components. A lineup remarkable for its breadth and depth allows customers to source their engine parts from a single supplier. As a problem solver for the trade and workshops, Motorservice provides an extensive customer support package and the engineering competence of a subsidiary of a major auto-industry supplier.


KSPG AG, Neckarsulm, Germany, which represents the Mobility sector within Germany’s Rheinmetall Group, has annual sales of around €2.6 billion (2015) and ranks among the 100 biggest auto-industry suppliers worldwide. Some 11,000 employees at around 40 production plants in Europe, the Americas, Japan, India and China develop and manufacture components, modules and assemblies for the drive systems of present and future vehicles.
As an established development partner of global OEMs, for over a century the Company has been involved in the sustainable improvement of engines with a view to reducing pollution, fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and weight, as well as enhancing performance—not only for cars but equally for commercial vehicles and large engines. The lineup includes components and assemblies for lowering emissions and fuel consumption; coolant, oil and vacuum pumps; pistons, plain bearings, engine blocks, cylinder heads and structural parts. The Company’s Aftermarket division is responsible for the global parts business.

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