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How it works

The oneIDentity+ solution is a service platform to check the authenticity of product marked with the unique MAPP code. In addition, it gives manufacturers the option to provide additional Value Added Services to specific users. These can be product information (e.g. article details, fitting instructions) as well as marketing and sales related services (e.g. the connection to customer loyalty systems or the sending of an order request).

Using this solution, anyone who wants to inspect an article (i.e. customs, garage, wholesaler, manufacturer or end customer) has a simple way to check whether the code on the product is valid or not. By using a PC and its keyboard or a mobile phone with a camera, the MAPP code can be captured and sent off to the Authentication Platform (internet connection required). There the code will be checked and the result (in form of a text messages combined with a green/yellow/red traffic light) will be sent back right away.

This will provide the user with an indication whether the respective part is genuine or not. If the result is not positive the user can send a counterfeit report to the manufacturer who can then take further steps.

Background information:

  • In order to differentiate original parts from counterfeits faster in the future, several participants in the initiative “Manufacturers against Product Piracy” (MAPP) mark their original products additionally with a data matrix barcode.

  • This way the marked automotive replacement part receives a worldwide unique identification number so that the product can be uniquely identified.

  • The European Association of Automotive Suppliers (CLEPA) sees that IT-supported checking with the barcode is the strongest weapon in the fight against counterfeiting.

  • oneIDentity+, the first IT-based standard solution for the Automotive Aftermarket, was developed by TecCom together with the European Association of Automotive Suppliers (CLEPA). The solution serves as an authentication centre for all who want to check the authenticity of automotive replacement parts.

  • The TecCom Internet platform oneIDentity+ compares the MAPP code with information in a database and immediately identifies original parts.

  • The best protection for products is a combination of security features.  Features like holograms, Holospot, seals or colour codes make it possible to identify original parts without additional tools. They are meaningful complements to the MAPP code. The user must know them, however.  For the MAPP code the information is in a counterfeit-proof database. No special knowledge is required.

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